~ A Distant Voice ~

The sands are blowing wildly
As I write this letter home
In all my years upon this Earth...
I've never felt so all alone...

Protesters marching through your streets
Say we're not needed here...
But, if they could see the things we've seen,
The message would be clear!

A madman has this world enslaved,
Starving and imprisoned...
The marchers wouldn't wait a day
Before changing their position

No one wants to have a war...
No one wants to die...
But if these people could be free
They'd live lives undeprived

There are the times throughout your life
When things are hard to swallow...
But, you toughen up, and do what's right
And pray for what may follow

For all the soldiers over here
It breaks our hearts to see,
Free people in America...
Who don't want these people freed

History has taught us all
That Freedom is precious stuff...
It's also shown that in gaining it
The price paid has been tough

So, please go let those marchers know
They could lose their freedom, too...
If it were not for the soldiers
Doing what they do

They must learn that things worth having,
Are worth what must be spent...
And those of us sent here to fight
Know what our forefathers meant!

We are proud to be Americans
People died to set us free...
And we will do the same for those
Who suffer helplessly...

So, if you want to go protest...
Protest against madmen,
Who kill, and maim, and trod upon...
Those weaker, by far, than them

Send out a message loud and strong...
Shout, "We won't stand for it!"
Terrorism, dictatorship...
We must put an end to it!

Now, as the sand blows wildly,
And we face another day...
All our men and women here
Will bow our heads to pray.

Janeane Bolton 2003
used with permission

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