~ All God's Children ~

I wish that everyone could see
God's beauty in so many places.
For not only in nature will it be,
But, in all God's children's faces.
The innocence of a toddlers smile,
The look of wonder in their eyes.
The trusting look that holds no guile
And, none even know the word despise.
As young adults so full of vitality,
Eager to learn all there is to know.
Wanting to live life to their reality,
With adventures that make eyes glow.
Maturity brings changes in those faces,
Responsibilities gives it a more serious look.
Both here and to those in far away places,
Time is adding more pages to life's book.
Work to be done and families to raise,
Life is not always easy for some at all.
Wondering, will they get through the days,
And they learn on their God they must call.
Suddenly, it seems, life takes it's toll.
The face now badly wrinkled and worn
Just to survive another day is the goal,
So much has happened since they were born.
This is not just the life of you and me,
For it happens to every person on earth
For God sets our allotted time you see,
And our time starts at the moment of birth.
It makes no difference what color the skin;
It makes no difference the shape of the eyes;
It is the battles of life we all strive to win,
And only one God will answer all of our cries.
How can we not love our sister and brother,
For we are all children of God in Heaven above.
How can we possibly hurt and kill one another
When, at birth, we knew no hate, only love.
Kate E.
10-21-03 ©used with permission

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