~ The Apprentice ~

The old master knows his craft well
Only in heart and head is his wisdom held
Secret formulas he'll never tell
His magical potions he'll never trade nor sell...

The young apprentice stands patiently by
Always watching with careful eye
He has seen some potions cure...
For now his heart remains pure...

They diligently work by day and night
In a secret room in no one's sight
So quiet, hardly a sound
The young lad by honor is bound

The young apprentice is appointed scribe
His honor the secrets to abide
He must never tell...
The secrets in his heart held.

The passion to learn
within the young lad burns
Together they tread a thin line
Hoping to aid man kind

The apprentice watching with inquisitive eyes
making sure the craft never dies
The old man works like a fiend
But oh! The magic the lad has seen!

Watch! The many magical verses
but pure of heart, there are no curses
The old master creates magical spells
The apprentice by honor will never tell.

The old master each day grows old
His magical secrets many and bold
The young apprentice stands patiently by
He must learn or the craft will die

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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