Once the the images are loaded,
move the mouse close to the cube
to change the direction of the spin.
Click on any picture to zoom in
right side up and stop.
Click again and the cube spins again.

To the Bride: RSVP

On this special day I just wanted to send
you a little something to calm your nerves.
Stop your head from spinning...
Have fun spinning this for a while.

I thought we have walked through it all
but the best walk is yet to come

I thought we have laughed at it all
But the best laugh is yet to come

I thought we shared the best years of our life
But the best year is yet to come

I thought we had done it all
But the best doing is yet to come...
Coming to your wedding.

When you walk down that aisle
Your head spinning
and your heart pounding
Give me a smile.

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