~*~ Buttermilk Love ~*~

I was sitting at home with nothing much to do,
just hanging out when out of the blue,
my phone rang and you'll never guess who?
It was my dear old granny just calling to say,
 how are you?


We chatted awhile and then,
 granny ask me to run to the store for her.
She needed some buttermilk, as she
 was about to do some baking for the holidays.
I told granny that I would love to do this for her,
 so we chatted a little longer and then I was out the door heading to the store. As I recall, it was a lovely fall day. Looking here and there at all the beautiful fall colors on the trees, that had turn to there glorious stage in life. This was my favorite time of the year with all the reds, and golden colors on the trees.
The drive was so nice, and I was looking forward to seeing my dear old granny.


As I pulled up into the parking lot at the store looking for a place to park, I noticed a car trying to hurry and get the spot that I also had saw to park. As dear old granny has always said, always be nice and kind, and it will come back to you. So with this in mind, I slowed down to almost a complete stop and let that person have the parking spot. As I passed the car in the parking spot, I noticed that there was a young man inside and I thought to myself, he sure is nice looking. But, I went on my way and found a spot a little closer to the front, and I said, " Oh how right, old granny is." Be nice and kind and it will come back to you.


I enter the store and made a dash to the dairy dept., and of course all of us know you just can't go into a store for one thing. There's always something that catches your eye. So before I even got half way to the dairy dept. my eyes were drawn to those pretty strawberries, so big and red and the smell was oh so heavenly. I stood there trying to choose the best ones and right there before my eyes was the young man from the parking lot. Looking ever so fine. All I could do was smile and he smiled back.
So, there you go...smiling is contagious, as I have always heard.
And I didn't ever really think about it until that day,
as we made eye contact and smiled.


I felt just like a grade school kid, I was all thumbs, so I headed on with my strawberries that I had in my hands. Wanting so much to look back and see if the young man was looking at me, but I just kept on looking straight ahead. I finally made it to the dairy department, picked up some buttermilk, and a few more items. My hands were pretty full by now, wishing I had gotten a cart, so I was heading to the check-out counter. And all of a sudden, I remembered that I needed some cereal for my breakfast the next morning. As I was looking for my favorite kind, wouldn't you know it, the young man that I had smiled at earlier, was walking up towards me. I began to get a little excited and nervous at the same time. I tried to block him out of my mind, but as I was reaching up, I glanced over his way and then it happen. All the boxes came tumbling down on top of me and the things I once had in my arms were scattered everywhere. I had buttermilk all over me from my head to my toes. Seems everyone in the store came a running to see what was the matter.


I looked up, and there he was looking me right in the eyes. Offering his help, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and began to wipe the buttermilk from my face, ever so gentle. Then he started helping me pick up the strawberries that were scattered everywhere, we looked up at each other and began laughing. And from that day on, we became best friends. I picked up some more buttermilk and headed to my old granny's and there she was waiting on me on her front porch. As I got out of the car, she said, " Sweetie Pie, what happened?" " I was beginning to worry about you."


Granny, come sit with me awhile. I have something wonderful to share with you.
As we sat on the front porch, I told her the whole story and she smiled.
I asked granny if it would be okay to invite him for dinner during the holidays, and she said she would love to meet this caring, and loving young man. So, I invited him to our family gathering over the holidays and dear old granny just loved him so.
My old granny did finally get her buttermilk,
it was just a little late all because of love.


And now that the years have gone by and we have grown older....
We're still together and expecting our first little one.

In my heart, forever will be....
my dear old granny, and
My buttermilk love!

To this day, I can hear my old granny say,
Always remember to be nice and kind.
For wonderful things will come your way.

Donna Minnick
2003 used with permission



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