Dear Santa,
As I sit by the candle light tonight
I write to you, in hopes that you might
bring to me, a few Christmas wishes 
on this Christmas night.
Santa, I have been extra good this year.
And this year, I'm not asking so much
for things for myself.
For I want to give to the ones
I love so much!
So if you could, please leave,
to all my friends
a box full of hugs and kisses....
So they'll know how much I care.
And for my brother, Scott,
a chaffer for the day...
to get the rest he needs,
for he's always doing
so much for others,
and for my brother, Bobby,
a big trophy for all the magic he brings
to all the children on the ball teams,
and for my sister, Cindy,
a lovely song for her to sing,
oh how sweet she sings.
And, for my Mom and Dad,
a heavenly day
filled with all the love,
and happiness they can hold.
For they both give so much, to all.
And in the still of the night,
as quite as a mouse,
whisper into my family's dreams....
that our little angel, Dana, 
is keeping watch.
And on this Christmas night....
whisper to them all....
that she will be right there with us,
in every heart....
forever and always.
But most of all Santa...
For Christmas....
I pray that there will be love,
happiness, and peace on earth,
for everyone.
Love Always,
from the "Little Mouse" in the house
Santa, there's some cookies
and milk on the table for you.
Christmas Wishes
from our little home, to yours!
Happy Holidays!!

Donna Minnick
2003 used with permission

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