~ Crystal Teardrop ~

I pluck at your heartstrings
With the blink of an eye…
Beautiful, orange sunsets
Make me draw nigh

I rejoice when the newborn
Lets out his first wail…
And smile as the bridegroom
Lifts the virginal veil

I'm there at Life's end
When there's nothing but grief…
I sigh when the Aspen
Sheds its first golden leaf

I slip when the days
Seem to linger too long…
And slide when injustice
Has played your heart wrong

I hide in the corners
When fear take its grip…
I languish when Love
Caresses your lips

I'm an orb of emotion
Shimmering free
I'm a crystal teardrop
Shed by thee

Sharon Frye
© 2003 used with permission
Heroes of the Heart