Dear Angel Friend

Dear Angel Friend,
Deep within my heart and soul,
Are thoughts of you...
On this Beautiful Day and Everyday.

I'm here on this Glorious Day...
To bring a heartfelt thank you,
and wish your way...
for all the wonderful,
and thoughtful things you do.

Angel Friend,
May your days and nights be filled with,
God's divine love,
And may your days and nights sparkle
like diamonds in the sky above.

And as you make your vows...
With your little acts of love,
May God bless you through and through...
For they will always shine through,
And up into the Heavens above.

May God and His Angels always be nearby...
To hear every thought and prayer...
To make your days and nights a little lighter,
and a little brighter.

And, as we hold on a little tighter...
to these precious days and nights.
Always remember...
God sends His Angels...
from Heaven above...
to fill our hearts with His Love.

For it's...
"In God We Trust"
That He brings us together.

And You, my Dear...
"Are the Angel"
That God sent to me,
from Heaven above.

Thank You,
Angel, for sharing your life...
And bringing Love and Joy,
Comfort, and Tranquility
into my Life.

May God continue to bless...
You and Me
Our Journey of Life...
Forever with a Loving Angel...
like You!

with all my love,
and the warmest of angel hugs,
your friend for life,
and the life after!

Donna Minnick
April 29, 2004
"Creations From The Heart"

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