~ Emergence ~

I wait for what is
And what will be my God's will,
For the blessings that shall come
I will see when I'm still.

They wait 'neath the surface
Like a sprout in the ground,
And push thru to light
Where His Grace does abound.

The seeds of His Mercy
Freely blow on the wind,
How they're caught by my soul
I'll not ever comprehend…

For my wretched soul's
Never earned even one,
Yet a sprout has emerged
That grows toward The Son.

He causes the clouds
To move by His thought,
The wind and the rains
He'll move to my lot.

To keep this sprout growing
Into a flowing vine,
Pruned by the Master
In His grand design!

Sharon Frye
2003 used with permission
Heroes of the Heart

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Midi "Emeraude" by David Folsom



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