You entered my life,
and love began to grow.
And with each passing day,
Our friendship continues to glow.

My friend, I want you to know...

You're the sunshine,
That brightens my day!
You're the rainbow in my heart,
That will never fade away!

You're the sparkle in my eyes,
As I watch the sunrise.
You're the diamond and jade,
in my day,
Filled with a surprise!


You're my angel, and my friend,
all rolled into one.
You're always there,
with love and joy,
to share with everyone.

From the morning light,
Through the setting sun.
You're the one...
That makes life so much fun!

You and I, forever friends...
For that is how, it was meant to be.
Thank you my friend,
For sharing your life and loving me!

Donna Minnick
Aug. 2004
Creations From The Heart





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