~ God's Nature Spirit ~

How can one walk this earth wide
and not feel God's beauty inside?
From the time of my birth
I've loved God's given earth.

Blessed by God to always be free...
Filled with all Nature I see.
A love for all I behold...
God's nature spirit dwells in my soul.

By God's own Nature Spirit
A flame within me was lit
It has always been...
And burns deep within

As a small spirited child
over fields and forests I ran wild
Flying on air, soul lifted up to the sky
Adventures rich with natural highs.

Still to sit beside a mountain stream
and take in this nature's dream...
Or under a giant tree...
Just God and me.

Whispers of soft winds caress
your body with exhilarating finesse.
Earth is God's enchanted land...
Touch and hold nature in your hand.

The most beautiful sight in the world
is the magic of a rainbow unfurled!
God's promise after a rain...
Never to flood earth again.

So watch a rainbow stretched high
Across God's blue sky...
Tints of color softly in line
that no artist's brush can define.

Moisten your body with a soft falling rain
Run barefoot like a child again.
Feel the freshness of new fallen snow
Savor all earth has to show.

The sun's rays dance warm on your skin
playing rhapsodies of delight within.
With every God given season
My life has reason.

I greet every sunrise
with a soul's surprise.
Every God given morn
my spirit is reborn.

Each and every sunset
is never to forget ...
The soul rests with ease
on a soft nights breeze.

In all of God's creation
He used His divine imagination
Sending from Heaven above
All creatures big and small for us to love.

Watch birds rise from the trees
like notes from a melody
Take deep the smell of a rose
Within your soul the fragrance glows

Earth was God's love to give
Blessing all creatures with a home to live.
God's love everywhere abounds
It touches your soul's spirit all around.

Yes, I have loved God's earth
since my soul's birth ...
Richness and beauty with no end
fills my spirit deep within.

When it's time for my soul to fly away
I will look to the Heavens and say ...
"Please, God, please, I Pray
let me stay, one more day?"

Barbara LaBarbera

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Graphics by Tender Moon

Painting above, Iris Goddess of The Rainbow,
used with written permission and is
artist  Denton Lund

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