~ God's Promise ~

A tiny baby boy was born in nineteen forty three,
In a beautiful land next to the Zidder Sea.
At his birth God whispered into his tiny ear
You will not remember these words, but you will hear.

Once upon a time a wee girl prayed to Me.
On her knees she asked for a brother you see.
It is My plan that she will be a big sister to you.
The time is not soon, but, it will become true.

You will each live your lives according to My plans,
And it will be years before you touch each others hands.
But, when the need is there, time you will share.
Without understanding why, you will find you care.

You will not know each other through your sight.
A bond will form only from words you will write.
A special feeling will grow within your heart,
And in each others life you will play a part.

So, My little son, these words you will not recall.
You will grow up a man, handsome and tall.
But, your heart will remember and you will know,
For this is My plan and I promise it will be so.

One day you will plan a trip, not understanding why,
And you will cross the sea from high in the sky.
On the ground, for you, an older woman will wait,
And you will both be aware that it is fate.

I know it took longer than it should,
But you will meet for I have said you would.
An answer to a tiny girl with a simple prayer,
A promise to a baby boy kept with thoughtful care.

Kate E.
2004 used with permission
to all my friends from Holland

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