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~ The Harbor ~

I'm looking for a restful place
A haven for the mind,
A respite with a saving grace,
A gentle place, that's kind…

An overdue and easy rest
Is what I really need,
A harbor for the tides to crest,
Deep waters to recede…

I need a light to shine the way
A lantern thru this dark
I need a friend to stop and pray
For healing of my heart…

I have no strength to keep a'sail
I'm fragile at my best
I need safe passage thru these gales
To find a place of rest…

And when I fear that all is lost
Strong hands are holding me
Though the storms have torn and tossed
I'm still afloat at sea…

I'm not the woman that trembled once
My heart is taking sail,
Embracing all the force and brunt…
For I'm no longer frail…

It's not to say, I'm unafraid…
For that would be untrue…
Sinking fear has been outweighed…
From the love and strength of you…

My forever friend, I thank you and love you

Sharon Frye
© 2004 used with permission
Heroes of the Heart 



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