~ Your Heart's Best Friend ~

When life's troubles for you are raging
and in your poor heart fights are waging;
Stop. Let your heart's soul be still,
for God loves you and always will!

When hopeless despair fills your every thought
and at day's end many battles you have fought,
remember God's everlasting care
without even asking is always there.

I know sometimes we doubt
and wonder what it's all about
but when friends betray, and life lets you down
God's love abounds, your very soul, He surrounds.

So rest your weary heart's soul,
Let go of your cares for God to hold.
Tender mercies He'll kindly show
for only your own heart to know.

God sees your heart's tears
and knows your inner most fears.
He breathed life into you
and knows you through and through.

Even with prayers unsaid
your heart's needs are already read.
He knows every hair on your head,
filling not idle wishes but needs instead.

Souls too weakened to pray
God answers in His own divine way.
In ways we may not even be aware
we are always in His care.

Forget about all others
when they judge their sisters and brothers
Just pray for them in your heart true
for God loves them as He does you.

Others may neglect and forget about you
But God's divine mercy will always come through.
When life falters and you're all alone
in God your soul can find refuge and home.

For your very soul, this is a must
never fear and in God's salvation trust ...
for all prayers, even ones not said
by His tender mercies are already read.

When you do wrong or too weak
and unable your prayers to speak
your very heart's words
by God's infinite mercy is heard.

He already knows our beginning and end
and always stands by as our heart's best friend.
No matter by words or thoughts we pray
God is with us each and every day!

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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