Death is only a doorway,
To a life, with God above.
A place full of happiness,
And a place full of Love.

There will be no more sadness,
No more grief, or any pain.
Our days will be filled with sunshine,
No one, will be left out in the rain.

There will be no more hunger,
No more sickness or death.
No more alcoholics, or drugs,
No Heroin, Coke, Crack or Meth.

There will be no more murder,
No more innocent children will die.
No one, to ever again be homeless,
No more hatred , no one will ever lie.

Heaven is a place of beauty,
Jesus left this world to go prepare,
And if we ask Forgiveness,
We have a place waiting there.

This earth has been a journey,
For some, Life hasn't been so kind.
But not a single one of us,
Has to be left behind.

God opened the doors to Heaven,
Just get down on your knees.
Ask his Forgiveness through prayer,
And God will hear your pleas.

You have many loved ones,
Waiting for you, on the other side.
Don't deny God the Father,
Or His Precious Son that died.

His Son Jesus, will be the judge,
On that great judgment day,
You will never meet the Father,
If the Son sends you away.

Brenda King   2006
Dedicated to Nicole, or anyone who has lost a loved one,
Just remember God took them Home,
Earth is only a time zone that we have to pass through
to get to our Eternal Home !!
Glory to the Father and the Son, Amen ..

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