~ Hometown, USA ~
by: O' Puppy

As the sun comes up this morning
On the school yard next to me
I can see Old Glory waving
In familiar pageantry

And the paper boy delivers
All the news we'll need today
While the neighborhood is sleeping
Here in Hometown, USA

It's a life we take for granted
In a land where freedom rings
But there is a cost protecting
What a constitution means

Oh our soldiers fight with valor
To defend this nation proud
As their flag is burned in protest
By some angry waiving crowd

Now the distant drums beat louder
Still America stands tall
Without liberated allies
Who can't wait for us to fall

In a place so unfamiliar
Sons and daughters wait the call
Lord we pray that you protect them
They're our heroes one and all

Some will leave this soil forever
So that freedom will remain
To their blood we make a promise
That they will not die in vain

When the victory has sounded
And the ships return to view
This new world will be much safer
God bless the red white and blue

And the sun is slowly sinking
As our children run and play
While Old Glory keeps on waving
Here in Hometown, USA

Ronnie D. Shreve 2003
Used With Permission



I give special honor to our
Active Duty Military and Veterans.....
without them...
we would not be
The Land Of The Free.
I fully support Operation Enduring Freedom.
May God Bless Us All.

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