~ I'll Never Know ~
Where does time go
As it swiftly passes by.
I'm curious, I want to know.
On wings it seems to fly.
Was it many years ago
That I was just a happy child?
Spirits were high, never low.
So carefree; a face that smiled.
Is time an enemy or a friend?
Without time we would never age,
And a time of joy would never end.
But life's book would never add a page.
The next few years are swiftly past.
Everyday an exciting taste of life.
We search and find a love at last,
And time is spent as mother and wife.
The clock just keeps on ticking away
As we watch our children grow.
Drying tears, hearing laughter as they play
And life takes on that special glow
In no time at all, or so it seems,
The laughter is gone, the house so still,
And life is no longer filled with dreams.
The time on your hands so hard to fill.
The changes in the mirror you can see.
You know that time has altered you.
How strange, can this really  be me?
With wrinkled skin and thin hair too?
So, I know that time has flown by,
But, where oh where did it go??
I look in this mirror and I wonder why
Where it has gone I will never know.

Kate E.
1/18/2003 used with permission

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