~ The Innkeeper's Wife~

How could this be for a babe to be born,
Where the animals feed and it's not even warm?
I begged and I pleaded, yet not a person was swayed
To give up a room for the poor little babe.

So there he now lays, this poor little stranger,
Swaddled in cloths and laid in a manger.
And his sweet mother Mary… you should see her kind face…
A woman serene and so full of grace!

The shepherds that came in the black of the night--
On their lips was the name of the cute little sprite…
They called him Blessed Redeemer…Emmanuel-
And wonderful tidings they continue to tell!

Heavenly angels and a bright guiding star,
Came from the East to where we are now,
It shines a bright path for wayfaring men,
To the dearest and best of all Bethlehem…

I will wonder and ponder this strangest event,
For I, too believe this babes heaven sent…
The Messiah and Savior in my feeding trough?
Somehow… I know…he'll be enough!

Sharon Frye
© 2003 used with permission
Heroes of the Heart 

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