~ Just Missing You ~

How do we handle the depression
When we lose someone we love so much?
What do we do with all the time
When all we want is their loving touch?

How do we handle that empty feeling
When we sit down at the table to eat?
What do we do with the leftover food?
Cooking for one is an impossible feat.

The bed, which often seemed too small,
Now has so much room to spare.
No one there with whom to cuddle close,
With gentle arms and warmth to share.

Others seem to survive this ordeal,
And, I suppose, with time, I will too.
Until then, I know I'll shed many a tear
Waiting for God to take me there with you.

I know you are happy, free of any pain,
Having found peace in a far better place.
I know that I'll find a way to smile again,
Recalling that tender look upon your face.

You would not want me to stop living,
For you always had such a zest for life.
And you gave me so many happy years,
Right from the day I became your wife.

For now I will just search for peace,
With a heart that no longer will weep.
The longing I feel each and every day
With me always, whether awake or asleep.

Thank you for all the memories so sweet,
All the good and the bad we shared
As arm in arm we traveled lifes road,
Always aware of how much we cared.

Kate E.
Dedicated to Nanny Sue 03-26-04
2004 used with permission



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