~ Life's Guiding Light ~

From when I was a child quite small
great Bible stories I still recall
the old testament adventures I liked best
but now, both give solace and rest.

My folks didn't go to Church, they stayed home
but I went every Sunday alone.
With my Bible clutched to my chest,
wearing my Sunday's best.

That book from beginning to end
has been my heart's best friend!
It fills my very life's soul
as it's words deep within I hold.

From the creation of Adam and Eve,
no Darwin can I conceive or even believe ....
Scriptures of Noah and the great flood,
to God's only Son shedding blood

Psalms helps us give praise
as David's soul verses raise
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
give us courage to carry on!

No matter where I've found myself to be
those old stories will always be with me.
In times of sorrow, trouble and strife
they have ever guided my soul's life.

Messages of salvation and love
written by hands guided from above
How my soul they inspire
filling every Christian desire.

No matter where I may sit
at home or near a pulpit
the Bible whispers words of hope
and gives the strength needed to cope.

God's words speak affirmations
for a promised soul's salvation.
My Bible always in my heart or by my side
gives what is needed if we only abide.

It is our life's guiding light
and calms our soul with peace and quiet.
Let this light shine deep within and guide you ...
with those time old scriptures, tried and true!

A guiding light along a path for our feet
until the day our Savior we shall meet.
No matter sin, trouble or time ....
This guiding light is yours and mine. 

Barbara LaBarbera
(Lady Bleaux)
2003 used with permission


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