I'm just a little book worm
but I had a lot to learn.
I lived in a library
which I thought dreary.

Everyday I read
but wanted something real instead!
I craved adventure
and wanted to be an outside creature.

So I waited for my chance
and without a backward glance,
I shot out the library door
seeking adventure, the world and more.

I must see a city
with people sophisticated and witty.
Seeing this miraculous site at last
but everything is moving so fast!

Shop windows with wondrous clothes and toys,
pierced tongues and wild haired girls and boys
Streets filled with cars and many a truck,
to get across takes more than luck!

All different foods,
even for book worm dudes.
Ice cream, tacos, pizza and even steak.
Now I have a stomach ache!

I think it best
to leave and seek rest.
Somewhere with less spark
perhaps a quiet park.

Now let me see,
I will go sit under that tree.
Ouch! What was that?
A bee or a gnat?

Parks are busy,
making me dizzy.
Dogs are barking,
crowded with very little parking.

There must be more ...
I will go to the shore.
I'll crawl til I reach
a nice sunny beach.

All of this land,
is nothing but sand!
It's no one's fault
but the water tastes like salt!

I am so beat
from dodging feet!
And the castles here only last for a day
but back at the library they stay.

With feelings I can't shake,
I think I made a mistake.
I was quite possessed
with this quest!

Libraries are cool
and I've been such a fool!
I found more adventure there
and everyone can share!

Stories of Ladies and knights
and old western gun fights!
History at it's best
when put to the test!

In every single book,
if you take a look ...
adventure you'll find,
all of a different kind.

Even at the book fair,
it's much safer there.
So if fun and adventure you seek,
go to the library and take a peek!

I'll be there on the highest shelf
but not by myself.
All my friends are here
bringing everyone cheer!

Books old and new,
some fiction and some true
Bravery and adventure on every page
Tales and stories for every age.

I'm just a little book worm
and now every day I learn!
Come share with me new tales and adventure,
as into these books we venture!

2003 Barbara LaBarbera
aka LadyBleaux
used with permission


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Poem "The Little Book Worm" by Barbara LaBarbera aka LadyBleaux 2003

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