~ Little Paws ~

They shoved him out of the car one day
then they uncaringly drove away...
Leaving him abandoned out in the cold
So cruel to such an innocent dog's soul

His poor little paws wander along
wondering what he did wrong...
Why didn't they love and want him?
His little heart was full of love for them

He watches each car that passes by
with sadness and hunger in his little eye
Little dog lost, and so all alone
and yet, he's still looking for a home

He sits there by the road and waits...
What will be his lonely heart's fate?
The sun is setting, almost night fall
and still there's no master's whistle or call...

He lays his tired little body down
on a cold hard ground...
He's all alone, no one around
His soft little whimpers, the only sound

Oh how wretched it all seems
In his little dog's dreams...
Looking for someone to care
Someone with a heart to share...

His little paws are sore from the many miles
looking for a little kindness or just a smile...
His little heart doesn't ask much
Just a kind word or soft touch

Have you ever looked in a stray dog's eyes
and watched as their hope just dies...
Eyes filled with hunger and despair
Needing food and a heart that cares...

Does this story have an end...
Yes, little paws found a friend!!
A lonely old lady took him in
And now their story just begins...

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission

 Dedicated to my Boxers ...
Max, for all the love he gave
and to Gunther for just being himself!

*Support the SPCA!
Click here: SPCA - 6287 5355

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