~ Love is Blind ~
It has been said that love is blind.
But, with that I simply can not agree.
Love just helps us all to find
A sweetness that others cannot see.
Love sees the beauty deep within,
A gentleness that's not easy to show,
But, one you can see again and again,
A side that only you are allowed to know.
A tender look seen in their eyes,
A hand reached out to help another,
Quick to answer a small child's cries,
Accepting all as a sister or brother.
Real love does not see imperfections,
Does not see color, shape or size.
It relies only on their own interactions,
Knowing they never want to hear goodbyes.
No, love is certainly not blind,
For it sees what others may miss.
We love from the heart, not the mind,
 Sealing that love with a touch and a kiss.
Love is a special gift from our God,
Born and bred deep in our heart.
 As through this life we all must trod,
We surely need love to play it's part.
Kate E.
2004  used with permission

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