~ Love Slipped Away ~

I sadly watch each day
as our love just slips away
Where and why does love go
slipping away in a steady flow?

Little words of love not said,
Uncaring words I hear instead.
The tender look I used to see
No longer do you show to me.

When I listen to "our" song
I wonder what went wrong.
Can love just slowly disappear?
With reason being so unclear?

Could it be only time alone
That turned your heart to stone?
Whatever happened to sharing?
Whatever happened to the caring?

Where did our love slowly go
Is something I want to know.
It just quietly slipped away
Bringing only sadness to stay.

I long for your tender kiss,
The passion we felt, I miss.
Your arms holding me tight
On a cold winters night.

Your simple act of teasing,
Which I found so pleasing,
Brought joy to this heart of mine
And a feeling of love so divine.

My love is here to stay,
Only yours has slipped away.
Where oh where did it go
That love I cherished so?

I cry those silent tears
Remembering those years
When you and I were one
Wondering, is it over and done?

Can you please explain to me
So I can understand and see
Why your love quietly slipped away
And sadness has come to stay.

Kate E.
2004 used with permission


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