I do my best to keep an open mind, for if I don't,
I may miss an important message meant for me.
When I open my heart, quiet my mind, stop my thoughts,
and listen to the inner guide as in meditation
I am at peace, with a great sense of a healed spirit.

When the mind, body and consciousness or soul,
if you will, are in harmony a transformation begins.

Well, since you don't have a Java-enabled browser, this isn't much fun for you is it?

-- Pages to enhance your meditation --
Enjoy soothing New Age, ambient background music.
Click the thumbnails to take you there!
Garden of Enlightenment by Thomas Kinkade art enhanced by an overlay lake applet. Where sunlight suffuses through delicate mists, gently lapping water is all that marks the passing of time. Gaze awhile on this paradise and peaceful reflection by the "Painter of Light"
Gardens Beyond Spring Gate by Thomas Kinkade,
enhanced by a lake applet and relaxing music.
Poem called "Forever"
written by Maurie G. Clay
Spring Gate
Relaxing scenery of nature
enhanced by a hue rotation applet.
Watch the colors fade one into another.
This beautiful view sports
an overlay lake applet and "The Path of Wisdom". A must see!
is a special gift from a very special person. Thanks Mack!!!
Overlay Lake Applet used.
White Dove of the Desert
located outside Tucson, Arizona.
Lake Applet used.
The Garden of Light
Featuring a soothing AnfyJava lake applet of these flowers in my garden. Poem written by Derry aka Heartwhispers.
garden of light

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