~ My Far Away Love ~
A war that no one wants
Has taken you away,
And I miss you so much,
More and more every day.
I wait so patiently you know
As the days go slowly by,
And when a letter never comes,
You have to know I wonder why.
Is it just that you have no time,
Could you be sick or hurt my dear?
This worry that I always feel
Makes my heart heavy with fear.
What a happy day it is
When a letter does arrive,
And once again I begin to feel
That I am more and more alive.
But, still I miss your arms,
Your caring words of love.
So, I say a prayer each night
To our God so high above.
To keep you safe, away from harm    
'Til you come home to me.
For my life without you, dear
Is not complete as you can see.
So, even though you are gone
Across a deep blue ocean,
Know within your heart my love,
You are the recipient of my devotion.

Kate E.
2002 used with permission

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