~ New Fangled Toy ~

When I was old with hair so white
I made a decision, not too bright,
To buy myself a new fangled device,
Talked into it through a friends advice.

Spent all my savings to get a computer.
Nobody told me I'd need a good tutor.
First came the basics, "bootups and shutdowns"
And from that point my smiles turned to frowns.

That big button for on, never off at all.
Only for total lockup would that rule fall.
And then a whole new language I must learn.
There was MG Ram and CDs we could burn.

And something that I really had to know,
This word download; just click on go.
And the word WinZip, here is a must.
But, I must admit, it was then that I cussed.

For security reasons, it's AVG and ZoneAlarm.
Without them a computer can come to harm.
And, whatever is scandisk and defrag too?
This you must master or it is "woe unto you"

And "pop-ups seem to come from everywhere,
So it is important that you "click" with care.
The one I dread says "fatal error has occurred".
My heart will pound and I can't say a word.

I pray, Dear Lord, where do I go from here,
And I begin to know the meaning of fear.
Will my screen go black or will I just "crash"?
Horrible things through my mind will flash.

They tell me in time it will all be so clear,
But, I know that time is still not near.
So, blissfully, it is on my way I go,
Aware, there are things I will never know.

But it is all worth it I'm happy to say,
For with this computer I can "make my day".
The pleasure I get from this new fangled toy.
Despite all it's troubles it does bring me joy.

Now all my daily housework just has to wait,
For now I'm so busy that delay is their fate.
So, thank you my friend, also my "tutor"
For I love life now that I have my computer.

Kate E.
2003 used with permission
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