~ Now And Then ~

Many many years ago
Life was surely just a bore.
When you felt the need to chat,
It had to be your neighbor next door.

Family members and close friends
Often lived so very far away.
That left you with only letters to send.
And they would arrive after many a day.

Then along came a man named Bell.
His invention, as you probably guessed,
Brought joy to lonely folks everywhere
And all of the people truly felt blessed.

No doubt, life had certainly improved.
In just moments you could hear a voice.
Now, with family or friends you can visit.
Who you talked to became your choice.

The world became a much smaller place,
But, limited only to people that you knew.
Still, for the lonely, life greatly improved.
Without a doubt, this fact was true.

Then, suddenly, a new name was heard.
Bill Gates, a name we would all cheer.
Much better than a phone in each home,
Thanks to him we all have our P.C. here.

Now, the entire world belongs to us,
For it takes only a click with a mouse,
Not only friends, but, strangers as well
Can all come to visit here in our house.

No need to clean or cook a big meal.
Not from a phone, but, from cyber space.
It is only words that we offer each other,
But those words can come from any ol' place.

From Canada, India and Holland too,
Those strangers become friends so dear.
Words flying across mountains and seas.
And, we feel that they're sitting right here.

We have all become neighbors you see,
With folks that actually live far away.
The world has shrunk to a smaller size,
Keeping us all happy day after day.

We are able to share each others life,
Help to sooth when troubles abound,
They are all neighbors, close as can be,
These amazing friendships we have found.

The lonely have peace and contentment.
And, many have discovered a love so true.
Whether business, entertainment or fun,
Bill Gates, we all just want to thank you.

Kate E.
7/2003 used with permission

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