Dream Dimensions Collection
by Jean-Paul Avisse

Ocean Wonder

The crystal blue sky above
like an offering of itís love,
embraces the sun and reflects
on the sea with dignified respect.

When the clouds come for a peek
the sun plays hide and seek.
The sun just won, the clouds gone away.
She chuckles, "hehee, I'm here to stay."

But the clouds come once again
now with an army fit to rain.
Lightning and thunder just kissed her,
The ocean roar now just a whisper.

The sun is nowhere in sight
but pledges to return with a fight.
At sunrise she captures the sky
with rainbow and splendor, sheís not shy.

The seagulls come shrieking with joy
that clamor can truly annoy.
But theyíre here for their prey
and certainly a right for their say.

As the surf crashes with a roar
taking back shells it left ashore,
Iíll stroll along in wonder
of Godís beauty here and yonder.

by Spiritisup
copyright 2001, 2002

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