~ The Old Pine Tree ~
A big old gnarled tree
is all others see
but it's more than just a tree,
it holds memories and beauty for me.

A huge giant, white pine
with long green needles, silky and fine.
Branches that reach to the sky
as the wind whispers through with a sigh.

Birds fly from those branches so strong
like notes rising from a song.
They nestle there
without worry or care.

In a place called "land of the sky"
with mountains so majestic and high.
That's where the old white pine is found
close to Cherokee Indian ground.

The most splendid site in the world,
as in it's branches forest animals are curled.
They find safety and refuge there,
it's protection and shade they share.

It wasn't by chance
that from the strongest branch
my childhood swing was hung,
bringing joy and glee as we swung.

Gathered under this old pine tree
my cousins, friends and me,
we passed many a day
with childhood play.

We could be anyone
as long as the character was fun.
Acting out stories of yore,
being cowboys, knights, ladies and more.

Stories of adventure we knew
as many a dragon we slew!
Pretend horses we rode,
loyalty and bravery our code.

Never did we stray or into trouble roam,
that ole pine tree was our home.
What glorious memories for me
underneath that old pine tree.

Although I'm now far away,
in my heart each day
memories of that ole pine tree
will remain forever within me.

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permisson


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