~ Online Friends ~

I told someone just the other day
That I had friends all over the place
They wondered how I could say I knew
Someone I hadn't met face to face

We write little notes and send out sites
And a few write just to say "Hey"
Then I have a few special ones
That I talk to every single day

At times when I can't sleep at night
I will often go online
There I will find a friend or two
That will help me pass the time

I think sometimes my online friends
Know me more than my neighbors next door
And they don't care if my house is clean
Or what time I came in the night before

So no matter how far apart you are
If you're sincere in the love that you give
Online friends can be as true and as real
As your friends in the place where you live

by Lu Dube 2003
used with permission

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