~ Only Time Will Tell ~

Once, I said I love you dear,
Words that made my spirits high.
But now these exact same words
Can only make me cry.

Once I said you are my world
And you fill my heart with joy.
That heart now filled with pain
As this love you want to destroy.

The words you said you now regret,
But, those words refuse to go away.
For they are burned within my soul
And will remain there forever and a day

They say time heals all wounds,
And I'm hoping this is true.
Then maybe I'll be able to say,
Once upon a time I loved you.

I'll take each letter that you wrote,
And tie them with a ribbon too.
Then I'll place them in a drawer
And try to forget my love for you.

For only time will tell, you know,
If a broken heart will mend.
Then, and only then, is it possible,
That I can say, you are just a friend.

 Kate E.
1/18/2003 used with permission


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