~ Prayer for Our Soldiers ~

O Lord, to you we bring our plea,
We humbly ask on bended knee,

We pray that You would be a shield,
That around our soldiers, evils yield.

We pray that from each new day's start,
You'd bless them with a fearless heart.

We know that there's a time for war,
Lord, Bless this cause they're fighting for.

Help them bravely fight the fight,
Guide them always with Your might.

Be there Lord, when times grow lonely,
Help them feel Your Spirit only.

Lift them up and draw them near,
Kiss away each salty tear.

Hold them close 'til there's no doubt
Of what Your Love is all about.

Guard their feet on rocky trails,
Guard their minds, so they'll not fail.

We pray that not one weapon prospers,
And that no act of terror fosters,

Against our beloved soldiers here,
For Oh Sweet Lord, we hold them dear!

For Mark Allen Frye
By Sharon Frye 1-8-02
used with permission
Heroes of the Heart

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