~ Rocking 'Round The Christmas Tree ~

To Santa everyone's flocking ...
Too much spending hubby's blocking
The children had all hung their stockings
Hey, this Christmas was rocking!!

This is quite a story to tell
When the Christmas tree fell ...
But tell it I must
or I'm just gonna bust!

It was a special time when ...
Surrounded by kith and kin
Hearing sirens and jingle bells
when the Christmas tree fell ...

It was dark at night
with Christmas lights so bright ...
First the cat got hung
Christmas presents flung

NO screams or frantic call
When it began it's fall
At first a mere muse ...
BUT then there was a blown out "fuse"

Everything caught fire
even Dad's new Firestone tire
Grandpa's face all aglow
Frozen in horror under the mistletoe

The dogs started barking ...
All the gifts started burning and sparking
Everyone hollering and jumping
Hearts pumping and thumping ...

Was this true Christmas joy
with all this noise?
Flames grew high
Everyone asking how and why?

I think maybe that blown out fuse
must've blown in "twos" ...
It was pitch dark, an absolute fright
But we could see by "firelight"

Hey, don't be a squatter
Get some water!!
A question about the cat?
Where is he hiding at?

Dogs are still running and barking
House and presents burning and sparking
Neighbors screaming and hell bent,
Called and the fire department was sent

Through the still Peace of Christmas
Hear those sirens scream
as around the corner they careen
Oh! Such a mess
for our out of town guests

Hearts begin to sink
Everything gone in a wink!
Now, better be nice, don't pout
Finally the fire is out!!

Don't sit there and sigh ...
after all there are new presents to buy!!
Let's go! Wow, shopping on Christmas Eve!
AND, I've got Visa up my sleeve!

Back that car out of the garage!
Get out that master card, "let's charge"!
Come on everyone,
Let's have fun!

This Christmas was rocking!
Even with burnt stockings
Boy oh boy!
What Christmas joy!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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