~ Sending Love Your Way ~
If we stop and question all the joy
What would we reply
Where is the happy light of life
Found for you and I
Is it on a mountain top
Or hidden in the vale
Maybe crooning through a ballad
Of faith upon the trail
Sometimes giving of a gift
Or sharing special smiles
Finishing a goal, a dream
Or praying through a trial
Gazing on God's beauty
And that He loves me so
Sharing with a precious pal
Someone dear to know
Yes, joy is found in all of these
And what a joyous part
Is finding heaven's purest love
In your eternal heart
Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


We were all born here,
for each other
time travelers, moving spirits
breaking each other's hearts
falling into each other's arms
human angels on this mission
with this vision.
From the near and very far away
we are mirrors of Unbearable Love
warriors of undying Love.
~  Priscilla Coolidge ~



Midi By Matthew Ward
Sequenced by Rich Kindle

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