~ Something Missing ~

I was born a lucky child
With excellent parents it seems.
So carefree, often a little wild,
Encouraged to follow my dreams.

Unconditional love from day one,
No punishment ever severe,
Teaching by example was done.
This way life's rules were clear.

Treat everyone with respect,
Kindness and tolerance of all.
Honesty and truth were correct,
With fairness and caring over-all.

Followed the rules, every one,
And life was good to me.
Had my share of joy and fun,
Yet, something was missing, you see.

Adulthood came all too fast,
Days often full of strife.
Nothing as simple as the past
While traveling this road of life.

Three children of my own,
With more lessons to learn.
The future as always unknown,
With many a twist and turn.

Many days filled with tears,
Too much to handle for me.
Nights brought only fears,
For something was missing, you see.

With age it was peace I sought,
Only laughter to fill my day,
No sadness to fill my thought,
Still waters to come my way.

But, happiness was not to be,
My book of life had other plans.
One by one, those close to me
Gone, now holding God's hands.

And it was then I really learned
What was missing all those years.
It was God for whom I yearned
To stem the flow of all my tears.

On earth as in Heaven, God's will
Is what we must accept to live.
Unconditional love and faith until
We find the peace that it will give.

Kate E.
2004 used with permission

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