~ Sometimes I Wonder ~
Sometimes I wonder,
Does anyone ever know?
The person I really am,
To the world I never show.
So many thoughts well hidden.
No one ever thinks to ask,
Who is the real me
Hidden behind this mask?
They hear my laughter,
See a smile on my face.
My tears do not show
When the smile is in place.
Can anyone see the hurt,
Can anyone feel my pain?
Yes, I hide it so well
As peace I seek to gain.
Are there others like me,
Keeping one person inside?
While to the world
They display a false pride?
Why are we hiding?
What are our fears?
Do we believe no one sees,
Behind the smile are tears?
We feel so safe it seems
As our true self wears a mask,
But, being two people
Is not always an easy task.
There is only one
That knows the true me.
And that is my God,
For my thoughts He can see.
From Him I can not hide,
He knows the tears I cry.
Only to Him do I confide,
And only He knows the why.
When everything in my life
Seems more than I can bear,
To Him I must turn for someone
That I know will truly care.
Kate E
2003 used with permission


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