~ Special Friends ~
I have these friends in cyber space,
Each one different, all unique.
No matter what my mood that day
I know just which one I'll seek.
If I am in a silly sorta' mood,
And need to joke and tease
There's a certain one I go to
For letters sure to please.
Another will hold my hand
When there are tears to shed.
They'll stand firmly at my side
To turn those tears to smiles instead.
Then there are those special days
When life is fun, full of glee
And there is one I will call upon
To share this happiness with me.
Occasionally, I will feel forgotten,
Until one dear friend assures me
That Gods love is always there
So, trust, never all alone will I be.
For others it's a hobby we share
That will draw us together here.
We send each other a poem we pen
Then listen to their hearty cheer. 
Without them, life would be so dull.
No way our secrets could we share,
No one to understand our woes,
No one to show us how they care.
Yes, all these friends are special
And daily bring such joy to me.
I can not imagine life without them,
For I love them all as you can see.

Kate E.

12-27-03 used with permission

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