~ Tomorrows ~

Time creeps when we are young,
Tomorrow holding adventure and fun.
We slip into bed every night.
Eagerly waiting for the rising sun.

Many more places to go,
Many more dreams to dream.
And tomorrow so far off.
That is the way it will seem.

We can't wait to "grow-up"
Experience all of life's pleasures.
The joy of falling in love,
With mementoes we will treasure.

Life so full of excitement
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring.
Music to make your feet dance,
Music to make a heart sing.

How different it is
When many years have passed.
No longer dreams to dream,
Only memories you've amassed.

Memories of love, while faded,
Can still warm the heart.
The laughter of the children,
From memory will never depart.

Tomorrows come and go,
So fast you lose track.
The sun rises and sets
And you can't go back.

How grand it would be
To dream a dream once more.
To feel loves passion
Deep within your core.

The body ages too fast
While spirit lags behind.
That spirit is so willing
The flesh is what declined.

So many yesterdays to recall.
How many tomorrows to see?
Time going so fast it seems
We wonder, is this all there will be.

Kate E  2004

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