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~ Until ~

Until he touched my face,
There were words I couldn't say,
Until His love came in my life,
My soul began to fray,
Thru countless years,
Embroidered fears,
Had all been sewn in time,
Until His love flowed over me,
The seams began to bind.
Veils of blackness clothed my soul,
And sadness was the lace,
Around my heart was hemmed despair,
Until He touched my face.
Tapestries of tears,
Were hanging in the halls,
And filling every corridor,
Were banners of my falls.
Every thread of every deed
In His gaze,
And one by one, became undone,
When He touched my face!
"My child," He said, "Weep no more,
Take My cloak on thee,"
Then He smiled, turned and said,
"Now come and follow Me!"

By Sharon Frye

2003 used with permission
Heroes Of The Heart

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