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~ What Would I Do ~

What would I ever do,
What would become of me?
If I should ever lose you,
What would my life then be?

Would I go out to find
Someone to take your place?
Another one so very kind,
If that could be the case?

Would I then regret
The words I failed to say?
Or wish I could forget
Something I said one day?

Would I wish that I
Could once more hold you tight,
One more chance to lie
Within arms that felt so right?

If you were no longer here,
Knowing I'd never again see you,
Would I cry many a tear,
As my heart broke in two?

I never want to know
What I would feel or do.
Please, always stay, never go.
For I will forever love you.

You are so much a part
Of all I think and do.
Your spirit fills my heart,
In my life I want only you.

So, take care my dear,
Take no chances at all.
I can not live with the fear
That God your name would call.

So, what would I ever do
If you should leave me?
You know how much I love you.
For you are my life you see.

Kate E. 8/5/2003
(words and thoughts from
my friend and "sister")

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