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~ When You Seek ME ~

There is never one moment in life
That Love has turned from you
Open your heart and hear with your soul
For you know that this is true…

God's hand can reach as far as you fall
And His love will grip you there
Just hang on tight-He'll lift you up
And save you from each snare…

The father of lies seeks to destroy
And devours us in his greed
Resist the spell that he's designed
Upon your soul to feed…

For Satan's tricks are none but that
And never the Truth to be told
Be strong, resist this thief in the night
for he'll rob all joy from your soul…

Listen now to the beat of your heart
And heed the message that's been given…
The Truth lies deep--not to be moved…
And it comes straight down from Heaven!


 By Sharon Frye © 2003
used with permission
Heroes Of The Heart

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