Shhhhh, it's all Hallow's Eve...
What's that old witch got up her sleeve?
What's in that old witch's brew?
Well, it sure ain't beef stew!!

She'll be flying tonight on her broom...
Soaring the sky on beams of the moon!
Flying clouds of pitch dark gloom...
Better watch out! She's predicting doom!!

The old witch knows special verses...
and speaks magical curses...
She's scaaaary, toothless and hairless
And she will get you if you're careless!

She's making up new eerie potions
using her special witches motions...
She's mixing toad tails and knewt eye
Watch out! She's casting the die...

Be careful of that caldron pot...
Best not touch it 'cause it's HOT!
L@@K at those BIG bubbles...
I think we're headed for trouble!

She's got new special recipes!
She might just turn YOU into ME!
Better watch out!
When a witch is about!!

She waits till the deep dead of night
Before embarking on her midnight flight
Armed with potions, curses and MORE...
Could she show up at YOUR front door?

Kate E.
2003 used with permission

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission


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