~ A Wolf  Story ~

Night is falling...
A lone wolf is calling
He's telling a story he wants you to know
about St. Francis and a wolf long ago...

Long ago a village lived in fear
because a killer wolf was near...
The town's people were filled with fright
and turned to St. Francis with their plight

St. Francis bravely searched around
until finally the wolf was found...
St. Francis knowing the wolf's soul was lost
Blessed brother wolf with the sign of the Cross

The towns people stood with awe among them
as St. Francis called the wolf to him
He beckoned with love and the wolf came
Like a lamb the wolf was so tame...

The wolf spoke as he drew near
He said he had killed out of fear
St. Francis told him to not be afraid
That by God's love were all creatures made

The villagers could not believe what they saw
as the wolf reached forth his front paw...
St. Francis took the wolf's paw in his hand
As he spoke, the wolf could understand

St. Francis said, "killing is not God's will"
and the wolf promised never again to kill
A given oath with paw and hand shake
An oath the wolf would never break

Heavenly Angels smiled from above
as the wolf and all were filled with love
The wolf took a mate and settled down
and was loved by everyone in town...

The wolf was a symbol of love and peace
a miracle ever filling the hearts of each...
Years later when the old wolf died
Everyone in the village cried...

This is wolf's story, my friend
With God, possibilities have no end
and with faith and love miracles begin...

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission

*Based on a story by Thomas Celano
(Recorded in the 13th century)

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