~ Yesterday or Long Ago ~

Was it just last year or many years ago
That we realized how much we truly cared?
Memories still linger, I want you to know,
Of the passion that our hearts once shared.

Those memories, so safely packed away
Hoping, out of sight meant out of mind.
Yet, in my thoughts they seem to stay,
For they're hidden only from others I find.

Is there a way to forget the joy I once knew?
The warmth I felt as your arms held me tight,
Those tender kisses saying that I loved you,
Knowing, within my world everything was alright.

Hard to remember, last year or long ago,
The words of love that we said to each other.
Time has little meaning, going by fast or slow,
Searching for answers I seek to discover.

Was it a love of my youth or was I old?
Was it yesterday or was it so long past?
Remembering when a flame burned so bold
In a heart that now feels so empty at last.

Are the memories real or figments of dreams?
For sure, those memories are there, I know.
Could it be just my imagination as it seems?
Or memories of a love, from yesterday or long ago.

Kate E
2003 used with permission


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