The Day Evil Showed It's Face
The day the Twin Towers fell
Will go down in history
How people could be so inhumane
Is still a mystery.
Everyone will not forget that day
What they were doing when they heard the news
It is now permanently etched in our minds
And will forever change our views.
How could a race of people
Think their God would praise this act
There is but only one God
And they will answer for this, that's a fact.
This horrible event has made us determined
To go on and become even stronger
We'll combat the armies of Satan
As this battle will continue to grow ever longer.
We all saw what took place that day
Some were a direct witness to this
But most of us saw it on our TV's
It was something you couldn't dismiss.
We all sat in total disbelief
Watching the news that awful day
Having to witness their act of pure evil
Left us speechless with nothing to say.
But that was not all that happened that day
The Towers were just a part
Of the evil that tried to bring us down
But they never took into account our heart.
The plane that crashed into the field
Showed the strength of a selected few
They were able to divert the plane's target
I'm sure the hijackers didn't have a clue.
That the American people have a resolve
We will fight to the bitter end
We will preserve our freedom and not cower in fear
Of this we will always defend.
When four planes took off that horrible day
Three unfortunately found their mark
The fourth was diverted by its brave passengers
That day our skies were dark.
It's been three years since we were awakened
To the evil that lurks out there
We're still searching for Satan himself
We just haven't found his lair.
And when we do he will have to face judgment
A judgment that we all know
I speak of the kind the Lord will dish out
With one everlasting blow.
Chee Chee Martin 8/25/04


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